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Jewelry Repairs

Hazel at workI will repair and/or update your costume jewelry, including knotted pearls. Your favorite necklace may have cost just $5, or perhaps you have an item of sentimental value. If it breaks, why not repair it? Many jewelry shops aren’t interested in repairing costume jewelry, but I understand that your favorite piece deserves attention, no matter how much you paid for it. Fees are based on time and materials; I work from my studio in Falls Church, VA. Contact me for details. Click here to read what customers are saying.

Types of repairs I do:

  • Hazel reviewing some piecesResizing necklaces and bracelets
  • Restringing necklaces and bracelets
  • Redesigning and updating old jewelry
  • Knotting pearls or other beads
  • Replacing broken clasps
  • Replacing ear wires (including conversions to and from posts, clips-ons, and screw-backs)
  • Replacing sterling components with nonallergenic metals
  • Repairs for vintage costume jewelry using vintage parts
  • Attaching charms to necklaces or bracelets (that don’t require soldering)
  • Gluing loose rhinestones and replacing missing ones

Vintage Repairs

Haskell Cluster EarringsTo maintain the value of vintage items, I will reuse original parts to the greatest extent possible. Matching vintage beads and components often requires time to conduct a search for the best match; this is reflected in the cost of the repair. Click here to view a sample of my repair work on vintage jewelry.

Pearl Reknotting

Have your pearls restrung to repair damage, or update the strand you never wear.

Reknotting costs include a fee per inch, plus materials (silk cord, French wire, clasp). There may be additional charges for necklaces with intricate designs or graduated beads.