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Amethyst shows off it's beautiful range of colors in these beautiful specimens. Here, the accents are a cool amazonite for a bit of contrast, wrapped on sterling wires.

Amethyst bars are a show in themselves, and here they're... [More]

jasper bars, citrine, and sterling silver

Jasper bars present a desert landscape, with drops... [More]

larvikite, rhodochrosite, and sterling silver

Opposites attract in these smooth coins of rhodochrosite... [More]

larvikite, rhodochrosite, and sterling silver

Deep shades of salmon and gray complement each other... [More]

blue quartz with pyrite and sterling silver

A touch of blue is added to white quartz with pyrite,... [More]

blue fluorite and sterling silver

Cool blue fluorite coins dangle beautifully on 3 inches... [More]

blue fluorite and sterling silver

Moody Blues are evident in these blue fluorite coins.... [More]

mixed gemstones and sterling silver

Mixed stones make a beautiful sampler in this bracelet.... [More]

sterling silver chains and textured sterling box clasp

Chains! Three chains twist around each other in this... [More]

sunstone, moonstone, and sterling jasper clasp

Sunshine and moonbeams share the light, where coppery... [More]